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Our Environmental Commitment

At SmartPath Corp., we believe in protecting the environment. With our manufacturing partner, Multy Home Lp, we are able to turn scrap tires into an extremely high quality product that enhances safety and gives a value added product for the construction industry.

Recycled Tires

The recycled tire program in Canada helps to keep end of life tires out of landfills. In landfills, tires are an environmental hazard and can cause fires, collect water which breeds mosquitoes, and can release toxins as they break down. We, at SmartPath, are excited to have our product manufactured from recycled tires.

Benefits of Recycled Tires

Recycled Tires are lightweight, shock absorbent and long lasting. This means that our product increases safety on mutliple levels. Not only is the SmartPath creating a non-slip pathway, the material used in maufacturing the product is increasing the shock absorbency for the people using the pathway. In addition, using a lightweight product means installation is not causing stress on joints.

Our Commitment

We are continually seeking out ways to reduce our environmental impact. As a result, we have an array of uses for our product that eliminates waste. Contact us for a complete list of recommended uses.