The SmartPath

The Design

The SmartPath Safety System is comprised of a rubber base that tightly holds 3.5″ boards, which can be customized with a non-slip surface, in place to provide a flat, stable walkway. It can be set up in straight lines, create crossings, landing areas or branch off in multiple directions at any angle. It can also be used to create larger lay down areas that can store construction materials which should be held above ground.

The Brilliance of Simplicity

The Smartpath is versatile, durable and takes only minutes to install.

The Installation

  • The SmartPath takes minutes to install
  • Easily adjusted as your requirements change
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Can be set up in straight lines, create crossings, landing areas or branch off in multiple directions at any angle.
  • Its versatility is what sets it apart!

One way the SmartPath can be installed is by simply screwing though the back of the pad into the wood. These panels can be set in place and connected in mere minuets. They can be stacked stored and hauled with ease. With the simple design anyone can assemeble and disassemble this ground breaking product.

Benefits and Value


  • Cleanliness is one of the major benefits of the SmartPath. Housekeeping is one of the most accurate indicators of the company’s attitude towards production, quality and workers safety.
  • Slips, trips and falls are the 3rd leading cause of injury on the worksite. When properly connected the SmartPath is simply the best engineered solution to combat this type of accident.
  • Anyone can assemble and disassemble this system, which means your skilled workers can now be working on a job that is on par for there pay!
  • The SmartPath pads are made from 100% recycled tires! Taking tires out of landfills and creating something of value, SmartPath is dedicated to environmental sustainability.
  • Every SmartPath is 100% reusable which not only helps mother nature but also your wallet! The second time you use this system the initial cost gets cut in half. Every time you reuse the path it keeps getting cut in half until its cents on the square foot.
  • Take control of your worksite! You will help control worksite traffic by showing everyone on site where they can and can’t go. People follow paths, so show them where it’s safe to walk by giving them a direct route to follow.
  • With it’s low profile design you can drive over the pathways  This means no need to move the the walkway simply proceed slowly over it.
  • In the unfortunate event something happens to a 2x4 simply replace it at a very low cost!
  • In the winter months because of the orientation of the 2x4’s shovelling is made easier!
  • If a double walkway is needed you simply arrange both pathways at a 2x4 width apart from one another. Then simply add the 2x4 that sits in between the two pathways. 
  • Whether your a home builder, commercial, industrial, pipeline or energy contractor, you will benefit from the value of this great system.

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