The SmartDECK

Helping People Help Themselves!

The Design

The SmartDeck is a virtually screwless decking system that can be assembled and reassembled within hours instead of days. The only limitation is your imagination!

Virtually Screwless

On a typical 16’x16’ ground level deck, it takes over 1000 screws to complete. In contrast, the SmartDeck takes only 40!

In this simple video we outline the benifits and value that every SmartDeck has to offer. This also shows the complete step by step process in how a SmartDeck is properly put together. Thanks for watching. 


The SmartDeck can be assembled and disassembled easily and without any experience. You can save thousands of dollars in labour costs with this amazing product. There is absolutely no need to hire a contractor.


What took days to accomplish now takes hours to complete! Want to host a BBQ Saturday evening? Start that morning and you will have a beautiful area to impress the friends by mid afternoon!


Made from 100% recycled tires and 100% reusable not only are you profiting from the many benefits the SmartDeck has to offer but you are truly doing your part in ensuring our kids future!


Using the patented rubber base the SmartDeck isn’t as ridged as the conventional decks which means it is easier on your joints and leading to less fatigue!


The SmartDeck is  the only truly adaptable decking system. It can be assembled and reassembled into any formation you want. If you move, your deck can move with you.

Own an RV? Simply pack up part of the deck and have it set up at the camp site in minutes! It can be reassembled to your yard upon your return. Your imagination is the only limitation!