SmartDeck Instructions

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of installing a SmartDeck by following these simple laid out instructions! This Deck was built start to finish in under 2 hours!

In this simple video we outline the benifits and value that every SmartDeck has to offer. This also shows the complete step by step process in how a SmartDeck is properly put together. Thanks for watching. 

Step 1 Ground Preparation 

Measure and Mark the area where the SmartDeck will be placed. The flat surface could be grass, dirt, pea rock, crushed rock, sand, concrete or virtually anywhere! We recommend using a landscape fabric to prevent weeds.  


Step 2 Deck Layout

Lay out the width of the deck by placing pads side by side with cut-off 2×4 board spacer in between each pad until you reach your desired width. Simply mirror the layout at the desired every 4 foot distance from center to center of the pads.

Step 3 Border Layout

Measure the total length and width of the deck from outside edge to the opposite outside edge. Mitre cut the boards at 45-degree inward angles. Cut all 4 outside perimeter boards first then work inwards towards the center of the deck until all 5 border rows are complete.

Step 4 Find Your Length

Once the width is determind place the width of the border in place. Measure from outside of 2×4 to outside of 2×4 and mitre cut the 45 degree inward angle back from the mesurement.

Step 5 Screw the Mitre and Square the Deck

Screw the INSIDE ROW FIRST using 3-1/2” deck screws. Once the inside row of the border is secure square the deck by pulling a tape measure from corner to corner and move the deck until both measurements are equal. Then work your way outward until all 5 border rows are secured. Use 2 screws for each corner to ensure a tight fit.


Step 6 Fill the Middle

Measure and cut your 2×4’s to fit in the middle deck area. All boards that connect two pads together must be secured to each pad with 2-1/4” deck screws. You can either screw all boards to the pads or simply allow for a friction fit