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Prioritizing Safety

The SmartPath is an innovative way to provide a temporary walkway and reduce injuries. By providing a flat and stable surface for worker’s access/egress,  the number of injury claims will be substantially reduced.

Safety First

In adverse or changing weather conditions, it is imperative that project managers and contractors provide workers with a clear and safe walkway for high traffic routes and areas where the potential for injuries is high.

The Statistics

Research tells us that since 2013, in Saskatchewan, the WCB recorded a total of 6100 slips, trips, and falls on the same level. Of those, 2742 were lost time incidents.


The Benefit of Good Housekeeping

Another major benefit of this ground breaking product is the effect it has on the level of cleanliness at the worksite. Housekeeping is one of the most accurate indicators of the company’s attitude towards production, quality, and worker safety! Not only does good housekeeping lead to higher sense of safety, but it also sets a higher standard for everyone else in the workplace to follow. We can guarantee the first impression your clientele, your employees, and even you will have when you take that initial step onto your worksite, is a commitment to care. You care, your employees will care.

With a defined walkway, the amount of dirt tracked through the site is significantly decreased. With a decrease of dirt and mud, the worksite has reduced debris and, as a result, that reduction decreases the chance for slips, trips and falls. Cleanliness increases safety. The SmartPath System increases cleanliness.