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To learn more about our partners, click on their logos to be directed to their website. 

Steel River Group is an Indigenous-owned company driven by care, accountability, respect, relationships, collaboration, and trust. This fits hand-in-hand with our core values. At SmartPath, we are privileged to form a partnership with one of the most progressive companies around. 

Indian Resource Council is a leader in advocating for responsible Indigenous energy development. At SmartPath, we are fortunate to have partnered with IRC , a trusted and respected company.

Firebird Business Consulting is a Metis-owned and operated company built on mutual respect and trust. Firebird has core values that we strive for everyday. We are proud to partner with, and learn from this knowledge and experience of their leadership team.

Gabriel Dumont Institute has been instrumental in helping us succeed. GDI has been with SmartPath every step of the way and we are grateful to call them partners.

Clarence Campeau Development Fund is an outstanding example of an entity that helps and encourages Metis entrepreneurs. CCDF are dedicated to creating environments to help their clients achieve new heights. We are proud to have this partnership.