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“Helping People Help Themselves”

About Us

SmartPath is a Canadian, Indigenous owned and operated company founded on principles of simplicity and safety. Safe worksites increase workers’ productivity, wellbeing and decrease injuries and absenteeism. The SmartPath System creates non-slip temporary walkways that add value to your owners, clients, contractors and employees.

SmartPath is produced from 100% recycled rubber so it’s environmentally responsible and durable. In our rugged North American climate, durability and flexibility are paramount to products designed for outdoor use. SmartPath will withstand the harshest climates on any work site, no matter how hot or cold it gets.

Our Mission

SmartPath’s mission is to give as much value as possible, including our mother nature! We are proud to contribute to a sustainable process which takes a non-renewable resource and turns it into product you can use, and more importantly continuously reuse! Our product saves time, money and our environment! 

Dylan Smart

Founder and CEO

Dylan Smart, CEO and founder of Smartpath Safety Systems, brings 20 years management and trade experience in the construction industry. He has experience in residential, commercial, industrial, energy and telecommunication industries across Canada. Dylan’s field-based experience and innovative mindset empowered him to pioneer a paradigm shift for a “walkway system” that will help reduce worksite incidents and the toll on our environment.