About Us

SmartPath is a Canadian, Aboriginal owned and operated company that is dedicated to worker safety. Safer worksites increase productivity and employee happiness, as well as decreasing absenteeism. The SmartPath Safety System increases safety by creating non-slip temporary walkways that benefit employers and employees.

SmartPath is produced using 100% recycled rubber that is both environmentally responsible and durable. In our rugged North American climate, durability and flexibility are paramount to any product designed for outdoor use. SmartPath withstands the harshest climates and any worksite, large or small.

Our Mission

SmartPath’s mission is to give back to everyone involved the most possible value, this includes mother nature! We are proud to be part of the process which takes a non renewable resource and turns it into something not only you can use but more importantly reuse! Saving time, money, and the environment! 

Dylan Smart

Founder and CEO

Dylan Smart, CEO and founder of Smartpath Safety Systems, brings 20 years managerial and trades experience in the construction industry. He has worked in residential, commercial, industrial, energy and telecommunication industries. It’s with this hands-on knowledge he pioneered the reinvention of the “walkway system” that not only reduces worksite accidents but also reduces the toll on our environment. 

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