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SmartPath Rubber Base


SmartPath bases are made from 100% recycled rubber and is 100% reusable. Made from tires, these mats stand up to the harshest climates on earth and have no expiry date. After the initial purchase they will be reused until they pay for themselves!

SmartPath Sections


A section of SmartPath consists 3 rubber bases for the 1st section and 2 bases for each additional section there after.  By adding five pieces of 8 foot long slip resistant 2″ x 4″ you create a quick and versitile walkway system. We recommend securing the mat to each plank using a fastener and washer inserted from the bottom of the mat into the wood. Let us help you create safer, productive and a more quality work site.

SmartPath in Use


 Weeks before we set up this SmartPath on a drilling rig, a worker twisted and broke his ankle. Slips, trips and falls are the 3rd leading cause of injury on a work site in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. This is an engineered and tested solution to help prevent injuries.

“Helping People Help Themselves”- Our Why

Our why is to create lasting relationships with everyone involved with our company and in communities we live and work in. With trust and respect, we strive to help people in anyway we can. At SmartPath, our team is driven by our why, everyday. 



The SmartPath can be assembled on any type of ground surface and with minimal ground preparation. This system will drastically reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls on the same level which is the 3rd leading cause of injury on all types of construction sites. The SmartPath can be assembled and disassembled in minuets. It reduces waste, made from recycled tires and can be reused time and time again. It’s time to change how we access and egress our job sites, it’s time to think SmartPath!

In this SmartPath How To Video we build walkway panels and explain the value of an organized, safe and productive work site. The SmartPath is a new innovative temporary walkway system to help prevent common workplace incidents such as slips, trips and falls on construction sites. The SmartPath creates a clear, clean, flat and stable surface for worker’s access and egress. This solution was created after extensive experiments, prototypes and field testing.

Environmental Sustainability

At SmartPath, we believe protecting the environment is key to developing a sustainable future. Therefore, the SmartPath team is proud that we recycle and reuse end-of-life tires to manufacture our rubber base for all our walkway systems.