“Helping People Help Themselves”- Our Why

Our why guides us to create lasting relationships with everyone involved with our company. With trust and respect we strive to help people in anyway we can. Here at SmartPath we believe in our why it’s what drives us everyday. We didn’t want to wait to start giving back and that is why we are going to donate $5 from every pad sold online with $1 going to 5 separate charities. Every time you push buy now you will be helping people in need. At the same time helping yourself to cleaner, safer more productive work sites and beautiful ground level decks for any space. We are so grateful and feel blessed to have evolved this platform in helping people. We also promise that this is not some month long promotion this model will be a staple in our everyday activities and as we grow so will our reach in helping people.


In this SmartPath How To Video we build walkway panels and explain the value of an organized, safe and productive work site.

In this SmartDeck How To Video we build a ground-level deck and outline the benefits of our product. This video is a step-by-step Do-It Yourself guide on how to build your own SmartDeck.


The SmartPath is a new and innovative temporary walkway system to help prevent common workplace incidents such as slips, trips and falls on construction sites. The SmarPath creates a clear, clean, flat and stable surface for worker’s access and egress. This solution was created after extensive experiments, prototypes and field testing.


The SmartDeck is a ground-level deck system that you can assemble or disassemble in hours either installed permanently or temporarily. Build your deck in your yard, at the cabin or anywhere there is foot traffic. The base is made from 100% recycled tires and is Made in Canada

Environmental Sustainability

At SmartPath, we believe protecting the environment is key to developing a sustainable future. Therefore, the SmartPath team is proud that we recycle and reuse end-of-life tires to manufacture our rubber base for our decking and walkway systems.