100% Recycled 100% Reusable 100% Worth the Money

The SmartPath

The SmartPath is a new and innovative solution providing temporary walkways and preventing common workplace injuries such as trips, slips and falls. By providing a flat and stable surface for worker’s access/egress, this new product will reduce the number of claims. The SmartPath solution is based both  on  the developer’s many years of experience and the extensive testing of the product that has been carried out.

The SmartDeck

The SmartDeck is a virtually screwless decking system that can be assembled and disassembled in hours instead of days! Spend your summer enjoying your yard with the new SmartDeck. The base is made of 100% recycled tires and manufactured in Canada. 


In this simple video we outline the benifits and value that every SmartDeck has to offer. This also shows the complete step by step process in how a SmartDeck is properly put together. Thanks for watching. 

Environmental Sustainability

At SmartPath, we believe protecting the environment is one of the keys to developing a sustainable future. As a result, SmartPath placed great importance on recycling end-of-life tires to manufacture the rubber base.

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